Pick Your Poison

Grizzly WindingRoad

I am four thousand degrees, only the precious metals could withstand.
I am the body of a leper, as I fall apart I stay as one.
I am my own destiny, shattered glass castle rebuilt.
I am fortunate and beyond recognition as the moon when it's new.

I am not a voice in the chorus, I stand apart.
I am not the rotted tree trunk, festered and gone.
I am not some hermit's twisted soul, walls up and over.
I am not only one being, there is a multitude inside.

Give me one ounce of hope and I'll never hold my breath again.
Show me two hands that are gold and then cover the Sun.
Tell me three words that spin webs in my heart.
Lead me four ways and I'll find my way out.

Now that it has shifted

I am a broken chain of daisies,
The slowly festering cancer growth,
For my wicked failure to breath
And take the high road to freedom.


the path has moved and so have I,
the consequences of a lie,
my earth is brown my sky is light,
as long as I'm alone at night.

I fill in blanks with my own words,
I am insane i'm sure you've heard,
The truth of the things I have been told,
have left my ego stranded cold.

So follow what your soul intends
I hope that your joy never ends;
although I see my own retract,
and feel the weight on liar's back.

I cannot change the whisper's slight
provocative and painful sight.
The point's been lost i've given in,
but now new life will soon begin:

a chapter fresh like bowls i smoke
a time to learn a time to choke,
I've got to learn what grains of salt
To attribute in times of fault.

I'll push myself out of the hands
that crush my heart into the sand,
my scorpion found me in spite
it was left in desert's night.

But what about this circumstance
and what about my need to dance,
will they too turn to glare and hiss
at my own tattered confidence?

I realize now that my self love
was meant to take me like a drug,
I learn so much in time elapsed,
and now i've learned this is the path.

Sonnet of Untold Fruition

Come, said the panty dragon, lets go get drunk
If we break into the camp we can share the bunks.
Get so high that the water feels dry
We can talk about the moon and not even know why.
Up to the roof, you say your mind aint right,
So I put you on my shoulders to enjoy the sight;
A million little fuckers out there in the space,
I promise little girlie that my weed aint laced.

We... are electric snails on a trampoline
Driving around dancing, trying to create a scene
You howl, I'll do it too
Tell me to crawl, I'll come to you
Super fantastic sounds,
If you rile me up, i'll pin you on the ground.

Much love sent here from above,
from the sky comes rain, from the wine comes buzz
Dance child like the love is new,
If you just reach out it will come to you.
The world is waiting out here in the cold,
to come right inside and make love to your soul.

Keep it Tight

Your tragic lips could pass for gold
I'd trade them for your purple soul
And she and I would become one
And fly to burn within the sun.
oh perfect dreams avoid my sight
unless you are there in the night
to reject signs and broadcast love
I hold you in a place above.

My arms could break in sockets weak
and shattered bones, and spine that creaks,
as long as I could have the chance
to hold you tight, embrace the dance.

But you are dead, just like the world
You're made of stars, beautiful girl.
So as I write my naïve love,
I will await the promise of
your soul to keep in liar's palm
but that is why I wrote this song.


Dark dusty drawers
containing much more
than covering cloths
that I bought from the store.
I will strip off the skin,
And let all of this in.


Wake up stolen princess,
You've been gone too long.
They are calling your name,
those raspy little pinpricks.

His children sit and wait for food
That your hands bring,
And grovel like dogs to
That man who hasn't touched
You in months.

Breath after hopeless breath
You feel the day
And you feel the empty pain.
You feel the ground shifting.

You remember wanting the stable and
Open soul of matriarchs before,
The mothers, the lovers;
But no women should endure
A sick and shrivelled heart.

So rise to this day
And hold your head
In your strong pale hands.
These thoughts will not fade
And your heart crumbles.
Years blend and fade
In front of your eyes
As you see the path
That ended here.

They call, they call!
Answer those howling kittens,
(Such spoiled little shits)
And repeat your end.

Or, the thoughts cry,
You could just walk
Straight out that door,
Turn from this broken home,
And find that part of
Yourself that has
Stayed in bed for the
Past ten years.

Total flight, it seems,
Became the only answer
When the bastard
Fucked that waitress.
Seventeen days passed
Before you put it all together
And found yourself
Already knowing.

So you hail the sunrise
And the chilled air
That will forever remind
You of that freedom
As you watch yourself
Pass their hateful stare
And walk out of that
Hopeless wooden cage.

No more tiny mouths of
Their grinding teeth
To tear at your flesh,
No more empty nights
Next to that empty man.

The end of this hurricane,
Of their wants
and the selfish
Cries for love
From the unloving.

So run, not for the distance
But for the feel of earth
Beneath your calloused feet.
You run until that prison
That sadists would call home
Sank graciously below the horizon.

Mother and lover,
Neither ever fit you right.
Until this moment,
When you took to flight.
No meals to prepare
Or claws to avoid,
Now beautiful princess,
You have returned to us.

I am taken from obscurity

What is that smell? Some kind of plastic burning, some decayed carcass in the Summer Sun, my own ego left out to weather the storm exposed and worn. Overwhelming aroma of golden piss staining all your clothes. My sex is with the broken flesh, the empty field, the solemn guard left sleeping at the gate.

Folded away like a perfect white paper, filed away in the circuits of your ignorance, I sit and shine in no one's direction. I will one day be a butterfly, I will move past this chrysalis and flutter around the beautiful and unreachable crest of your face. Love is a game that I lost long ago, so lets just call it a tie.

Oh low, sparkle and falter on your sturdy earthen pedestal as my judgment makes reality shiver in the cold. I will never know a thing my dear, but I feel it all. The love shelters me as I vomit in reverse.