Pick Your Poison


the path has moved and so have I,
the consequences of a lie,
my earth is brown my sky is light,
as long as I'm alone at night.

I fill in blanks with my own words,
I am insane i'm sure you've heard,
The truth of the things I have been told,
have left my ego stranded cold.

So follow what your soul intends
I hope that your joy never ends;
although I see my own retract,
and feel the weight on liar's back.

I cannot change the whisper's slight
provocative and painful sight.
The point's been lost i've given in,
but now new life will soon begin:

a chapter fresh like bowls i smoke
a time to learn a time to choke,
I've got to learn what grains of salt
To attribute in times of fault.

I'll push myself out of the hands
that crush my heart into the sand,
my scorpion found me in spite
it was left in desert's night.

But what about this circumstance
and what about my need to dance,
will they too turn to glare and hiss
at my own tattered confidence?

I realize now that my self love
was meant to take me like a drug,
I learn so much in time elapsed,
and now i've learned this is the path.