Pick Your Poison

Sonnet of Untold Fruition

Come, said the panty dragon, lets go get drunk
If we break into the camp we can share the bunks.
Get so high that the water feels dry
We can talk about the moon and not even know why.
Up to the roof, you say your mind aint right,
So I put you on my shoulders to enjoy the sight;
A million little fuckers out there in the space,
I promise little girlie that my weed aint laced.

We... are electric snails on a trampoline
Driving around dancing, trying to create a scene
You howl, I'll do it too
Tell me to crawl, I'll come to you
Super fantastic sounds,
If you rile me up, i'll pin you on the ground.

Much love sent here from above,
from the sky comes rain, from the wine comes buzz
Dance child like the love is new,
If you just reach out it will come to you.
The world is waiting out here in the cold,
to come right inside and make love to your soul.