Pick Your Poison

The fluidity of joyful perception

I love you, I love you, I love you
The words cascade down my ego
And pool into an ocean of respite.
The feeling is mutual, my friends.

I want you, I need you, I have you
Several galaxies away, they would still
Hear this ode resounding from the
Mountain top where we made love.

And then, when the oceans have calmed,
And there are no waves to carry me
Back to shore, I survey my surroundings
To find myself stranded and alone.

Only the memories still cherish my heart,
And they cannot be held in my arms.
Now there is only water and air to
Cool my libido's march to destruction.

Stay afloat, I scream into the wind
Even though there are no hills to echoe my intent,
No mountains to refract my heart's call,
Only this vast ocean that absorbs my heat and light.

Now the sharks are closing in,
And I am ready to be enjoyed.
You should join their feast,
I just wish I could watch.