Pick Your Poison

Some songs I've written...


When we were young,
It felt so pure
And it seemed done,
But now I see in spite.
Will you just come
And know the right?

We are not judged by the
Endless questioning
That we find
In ourselves when
We are Free.

Free Kout

such tiny memories we shared
(hold me tight i think i'm getting scared)
do not forget the past we've run
for all the love we've had is done
it's done

approach the bench and learn my name
my eyes all aflame to feel your same
resiprocative and insane;
i'll pick you up so that you can
pick my brain

i walk alone
in crowd of tears
my truth be known
its all my fears

{[you cut me up, my truth be told]}

How Sorry Should We Find Ourselves?

I've had some revalations,
I've had my own frustrations,
And when we speak in my head
I make things right.
I try to convince myself
To damn these cold memories away,
They only make my fears flare up.
Makes my fear flare... up.

Faltered in my ways,
Time and pain to pay;
Thought that i would never say:
"I regret you".
Tricked my mind to trust,
But that is never good enough.
As we can clearly see,
Future wasn't meant to be.

But the truth remains
Of bonds and flames that
Can't be named;
And if I truly felt the same:
I'd forgive myself
Of this...
Still yet I see my flaws,
They're gnawing on
My grasping claws.
As arms extend to reach you all
I stumble towards the bliss.

{All this is a lie,
It is just a lie}

Why do I miss
You when you're cold?
Silence, the answer that
I know.
Unclear as lines drawn by head,
I think I'm better off dead.