Pick Your Poison


hold me up on your back, so I can spy the moon
hopelessly intact, it will be here soon.
can't hold on, can't support all the time
fallen down, sacrificing the divine

why did you support this weight?
I would not have done the same.
that is how we relate,
broken knees, swollen hate.

I cannot restrain my mind, its the ends to the means
this funeral pyre will impale my disease.

why should you support this weight?
I would not have done the same.
our weakness and our minds relate,
hefty soul, broken fate.


Shifty eyed and standardized we walk so often alone,
Closed off roads and broken homes, no reason to atone.
When looking at the daily flow, we know that no one leaves
Unless their death strands them accessing what they can't retrieve.
Society is in our air and flowing through the stream
Of consciousness and sanity, so wake up from your dream.


Recover and burn,
search and destroy,
follow and fall,
want and deny.

Soliloquy of rampant occurences
to a deaf audience,
no chances turned away
with no opportunities found.
The same song was playing last night in repetition, I must have let it go on. No energy to move myself to change the noise into silence, no will to force it out. As time twisted the song into a cardboard mock-up of itself, it began to fade into a static, ambient texture of sleeplessness that blanketed me tightly. I remember the subtle hum of my computer as it insisted that I lie there paralyzed, its soft LED glow pushing me further down into my filthy blankets and flea-infested pillows. Delving deeper into this labyrinth of stagnant squalor, I forged ahead as the incessant vibrations of my neglected music continued without opposition.


Progress held up stopper drip drop and drain
All the candy skull people bring candy skull pain
Returned lost and bartered, the song stays the same
Whether fighting as monkey, grasshopper, or crane

The balance checked papers on holy wood's grain
Found with withered whispers still waiting to gain
Momentum with moments too quick to attain
Leaving un-watered roots rolling sick with disdain

A lion, a bear, and a flock of tree's flame
Make up my insides and roam inside my brain
Twist harder then shake, struggled struggling vain
Almost over ready to cover this stain.

Six Legs Too Many

Nibbles at my temples
Leading down to my feet;
I am covered with the lessons
of trusting post-release.
The fleas are swarming up now
Their total numbers swell;
To release this insect energy
I will have to breed as well.

Scratch as the voice tells you,
and sit back as it grows;
Discover hidden sites
of poison and you'll know
You cant erase their bodies
(Joints dissolving inside-out)
Vacuum of space is welcoming;
Their army's losing now.

Oh the toil of being.
Even as I pretend to exist,
I can feel the greater energy
Calling out my actions in the sun's light.
Outside my perception
One billion occurrences blossom
In mere moments of what one might call time.
No validation in the ebb and flow lifestyle of this social wasteland,
And no witless witnesses could ever prove
That we are actually happening.
Grasp for that narrow ledge to halt our plummeting
If we like, but the achievable extent
Of salvation has eluded us irreversibly.

Los Ojos

Totality attained,
Refracting all but trust.
I hold it in my hand;
With words you strike a tone.

The sparkle leaves its quake,
Legend of The Look,
The answer's gone awry,
Retrospect is fate.

Reformation of Therapeutic Vibration

joy pools at my roots,
to overwhelm the city
we must grow higher
and spite the hungry beetles
that overwhelm the sky

no matter the cost
continue forward
up and over
climbing like the sun
with sturdy stalks

radioactive space surrounds
the cradle of our domain
as we push up the soil
with our mad intentions
and ability to see

no debts would remain
after the final harvest,
but we wait to see
what the earth needs
from us stolen companions

holding back the flood with twigs and newspaper

old enough to stretch out in
the plot of land i've been given
with life or not inside my shell
a legacy of times would tell
of my remorse and triumphs found
and of the concepts that resound
out of my spine, these songs of love
i wrote to conjure feelings of
the indescribable embrace
of fire's eyes on desert's face.


Solemn and smiling,
Sleeping in the clouds,
With energy abundant
and tiny voice aloud.
Your path may be twisty
And hold pain to your chest
But the clouds here are parting
And its all been a test.

As The Ball Comes To Bounce

Unblocked, the silence begins to scream.
Is this a nightmare or a dream?
Poetry's faltered lack of speak,
Obtuse and impossible leak.
What useless words might find my tongue?
No chance to speak with broken lungs.

oh the horror

My brain is on ice, with the fire at bay
And the customers wait to consume my decay,
Eat me up, they will try, but one taste and they'll die
For my cranium space is laced moldy rye.

pictures of faces

I am strong enough to heal using only the tools I have made myself.
The air that surrounds me ran out of oxygen, so I've been holding my breath.
But once I step outside this glass-bottomed cage,
My lungs again fill themselves with the sweetest of winds.

The lock on the cage was never engaged,
All I had to do was walk right out.
Forgiveness is an illusion that I subscribe to,
I have forgiven myself to forgive the others.

Understanding disallowed, I am left to enjoy the blissful ignorance
And laugh silently as my mind fights to translate the past.
I am beautiful like a flowering cactus, just don't get too close
Or I'll hold you with my stabbing needles until you're forced into flight.

Irony rolls my eyes further back, seeing the patterns;
I've always seen the good things leave down the same road.
With a personality like this, how could I have a chance
To explain myself, free from judgement?

If life was fair I would be bored to tears,
And without a tragic heartache I would be stagnant and lazy;
I would never have found out what I want(ed),
No self-respect would have been possible for my twisted existence.

This glorious time away has painfully scraped off my tumor,
Given me such explosive access to healing and rest,
Reminded me of the extreme importance of romantic empathy,
And tested my vitality and virtue with an aftershock from a past life.

And still the love melts my smile away from time to time
As I drive around this town we might have taken over,
But I have been rejected before and have grown in spite,
I will still open my arms to the world to protest trust.

My mind has been opened up as though the
Jaws-of-life had freed it after the wreckage.
My heart is light in majority, and might even float away again,
And my well-worn canoe is still afloat, even if stranded at sea.

Goodbye I yell into the wind despite my voice being broken.
And even though I know only I can hear my cracked voice,
The universe has reflected even the dullest of sounds
Through the atmosphere and into foreign ears.


Die quasi-satin staining chains,
Fall off the brain's changing range
And hit the piece of peace's creasing plea,
The echo that shuddered the fluttering sea.

Sing to stars charging large,
Sky's blight may apply to rights:
Sandy romantic candy that lets the band see
And brandy strands the plans
Handed to hand and left to stand.

Truly full duty foolish pooling cool
Rules the prudes producing drool.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

I am ready to sit in the grass,
and hold your head in my hands;
I am ready to consume you
I can already see the smile
that you only show in my direction
When I notice you there.
I can feel your concern
pressing against my skin
from every possible direction.

Again, with the same swollen pace
I will trust your smile
Like I've trusted the rest.
Seeing you writhe before my open eye,
I will move from the past
And meet your returning limbs with my own.
Time wouldn't shelter us for too long,
It would seem to the cautious observer,
But we'll fight to prove them wrong.

The welcome mat that said 'Go Away'

Feet following their mission
To carry me back home,
I limp past the threshold
And am met by a love
That springs from the art
Of traveling through time.

One ticket to get in,
No tariffs to leave;
I contemplate the Earth
That dried in the baking Sun
And killed its own town,
Leaving space for the fire.

get out

I can't wait to understand the reason I have yet to translate any meaning besides 'it's not worth it to try'... get out.


Snapped back into a stasis
Of sorts by the glowing wind
That surrounds the glorious
Forms of the Earth's intent.

The cringing spinal crack
Usurped by the lips' crease
As they form
A reminiscent smile.