Pick Your Poison

pictures of faces

I am strong enough to heal using only the tools I have made myself.
The air that surrounds me ran out of oxygen, so I've been holding my breath.
But once I step outside this glass-bottomed cage,
My lungs again fill themselves with the sweetest of winds.

The lock on the cage was never engaged,
All I had to do was walk right out.
Forgiveness is an illusion that I subscribe to,
I have forgiven myself to forgive the others.

Understanding disallowed, I am left to enjoy the blissful ignorance
And laugh silently as my mind fights to translate the past.
I am beautiful like a flowering cactus, just don't get too close
Or I'll hold you with my stabbing needles until you're forced into flight.

Irony rolls my eyes further back, seeing the patterns;
I've always seen the good things leave down the same road.
With a personality like this, how could I have a chance
To explain myself, free from judgement?

If life was fair I would be bored to tears,
And without a tragic heartache I would be stagnant and lazy;
I would never have found out what I want(ed),
No self-respect would have been possible for my twisted existence.

This glorious time away has painfully scraped off my tumor,
Given me such explosive access to healing and rest,
Reminded me of the extreme importance of romantic empathy,
And tested my vitality and virtue with an aftershock from a past life.

And still the love melts my smile away from time to time
As I drive around this town we might have taken over,
But I have been rejected before and have grown in spite,
I will still open my arms to the world to protest trust.

My mind has been opened up as though the
Jaws-of-life had freed it after the wreckage.
My heart is light in majority, and might even float away again,
And my well-worn canoe is still afloat, even if stranded at sea.

Goodbye I yell into the wind despite my voice being broken.
And even though I know only I can hear my cracked voice,
The universe has reflected even the dullest of sounds
Through the atmosphere and into foreign ears.