Pick Your Poison

Mission Statement

For the complexities, the perfections, the imperfections... this is all so real. This reality does not dictate itself, it merely is the byproduct of its own innate existence. There is no script, only the relativity of consequence. All that may happen lies in the shifting momentum of all that is happening, and our perceptions of the circumstance that we abide within. Rippling waves of reaction are the only 'poetry' that holds any coincidence, our frontal lobes be damned.

Into the Stable

I am blessed to share this love
Now that it can survive sans insanity.
I'm still just as crazy,
But my perspective has grown
Far past the reaches of singular self.
I can now survive
Whether that love reaches fruition
Or fades off into the obscurities
Of life on this Earth.
In fact, I will prosper it seems,
As my mind keeps expanding;
Fortune and coincidence
Seem to favor my choices.

Fate May Be Watching Us Right Now

You are so new, but I felt like I've known you for many seasons. Reflection of the sky, your eyes blanket my land with freedom and cloudless beauty. Like a magnet is in my chest, I am pulled towards your smile. You make me feel like a primal God when I gaze upon you, as your energy envelopes me like the unbroken grasp of a glacier on the mountainside. I would hold you to my chest, lovely being, so the beating of my heart could sing you the only song that captures this awe.

I have never before encountered such a creature, do my eyes believe their sight?

Absence's Gift

Slow like honey,
my will consumes the thought.
Oh, what could I say?
Every moment feels the same,
can't extinguish the flame,
when your honey drips away
into a puddle of yesterday.

it is wonderful when my heart can speak clearly,
so far away from the machinations of the flesh.
i feel lucky bathing in such expression,
i am reborn into a body stronger than it knows.
i am in love and out of faith
in anything but my self!
I will arise beautiful in the morning,
maybe even more so than at night.

i will protect and cherish
i can worship the deities that feel like home
i could never tell if this was all a smiling dream


traction's portrait of contention is grey
at least we shared this sunny day
i relish timing of conspired fate
forces i can't contemplate


my choices brings fortune wrapped in fire,
outside of my will, my failures expire.
call it luck, call it fate, follows me, frustrates,
as my young tethered heart tries just to concentrate
on the things i burned off, on the time that i've lost,
for my current disease takes whatever it wants.

Prince of Monterey

Vile like a look into a tarnished mirror
He sips on goats blood and laughs
At the scrambling mortals
Crushed beneath his throne.
Like a statue made of my bones,
He's been dead so long.
Misshapen diamond eyes
That cut open my hands,
And a mind of narcissistic sarcasm
Whose very existence
Makes me shudder and frown.
With this much stench around his lips,
I cannot help but sigh in relief
That he remains seated
In his chair of crushed smiles,
So far away from where I'm going.

Prince of Monterey,
Withered temple to solipsism,
What path will you
Trample and ruin next?


Touch my inner child
And walk into my home
Time freezes
Encased in ice
No greater completion
Could climb the stairs
'It's all right'
Explodes in space
And lights the day
That drank my burdens
Recognize the sounds of fear
my little equestrian tragedy,
for my mended heart
is still in flight.
It leaps towards you even
as it resists your grasp,
elusive and tormented
desire to gravitate
that I once had damned.
One cannot ever avoid
an angry omnipotence,
so I stand in its warpath
with arms extended
and feet planted firmly,
dreaming and awake
with a grin plastered on
my hopeful face.


This piece is really fucking heavy, and I don't suggest assuming its context.

Shatter note in a bottle circumstance
Only the strength left to dance
Portion's present squalored frame
As bleeding mind is set aflame
Palm to sand and face to sky
This is what its like to die
Arm's heart, foolish tale
No love beneath my fingernails

Now to burn this tail away
Before it begins to decay

Fortune's blessed me to the floor
Don't know what I'm fighting for
One day I'll be in one piece again
This all ends, I can't pretend]
to fly above the chaos lights
At hopeless height, avoid the bite
You shouldn't love me, cursed to try
Nowhere left for this to hide
So go away I beg and plea
Get out of here so I wont see
Reflections of my lovely soul
Before today, I felt so whole
No form to take, no sea to swim
As blood entangles severed limbs.


These poems are directed towards people that are (hopefully) no longer involved in my life's journey. They left me bitter and hopeless, so fuck'em.

Guest in my own home
Even when I'm alone.
Your smile's eyes are trickery
But you can't seem to set me free.
I've got a heart that's filled with lead
Your blinded games fuck with my head.
Again I sleep by side denied
No silent dreams in which to hide.
Confusion blooms sweet;
Attraction's retreat.
Neither deserved nor attained,
As I spawn my own pain.
A brother's blood upon my hands,
You have trespassed on stolen land,
With ocean's eyes, your spite is shown
As friendship's lie strands me alone.
Your shit stained palms block out the Sun,
The darkness leaves nowhere to run.
Cracked hands are wrapped around my neck,
No room in Hell for self-respect.
'Fuck you all' cushions my fall
When blame is mixed with alcohol,
I've seen past veils into the fire,
Enough to see the wills of liars.
My lonely life is built from shit
And curdled blood and stagnant spit;
No care should fall upon their heads
For in my world, they will be dead.

post glow

moment's left for things to say,
it's fucking great it went this way.
it could have stung and left me cold,
instead i've found new light to hold.
i thank my fate for smiling change
when i reflect on yesterday.

i'll move right on now that it's done,
and keep my face lit by the sun.
no toxic air will stain my lungs,
no smoldered ashes curse my tongue.
i'm left with love inside my chest,
as everything was for the best.

you gave me things i'd never guess;
you're beautiful and nothing less.
i am golden like a child
because i had to lose your smile;
in times of softly spoken dreams
i smell the scent, i feel the steam.


Full circle, the path has led me back
to the person i was leading up the wolf pack,
I look in the mirror to see canine face
No concept of guilt; no more sad, fucked up place.
Only needing to hunt, with the scent on the air
For my timing is right to drag you to my lair.

Breakthrough in The Cave - This Weekend

Being myself in the arms and strong hands of beauty.

Strings, webs of joy stranded and solopsitic.

Holding the face of God in my palms and watching my heart scream in a barbaric orgasm.

The dance that flowed from the highest mountain and crashed into my reality with a violent beauty. my body as words on a page, singing my utmost honor to be chosen for enlightenment.

The eyes that welcomed my validation and reflected my courageous creativity.

The healing between brothers.

Feeling the right-ness of my existence.

Giving and taking the lessons provided by experience.

My face contorting to please my lovers.

Joy incarnate, in a single night.


Worshiping in nature, my brain searches for Gods it cannot find
I see the deity in people, the devil as well
And when I give my sacrifice it is always to this unseen creator
Inside my cranium lies the source, my mind
Creates its own heaven, sends me to hell
Undeceived by the external directly, there are no traitors

My love is no creature with its own sanity
Although I manifest the future's past, the current surrounds my body
If I am really here, I must accept my perception's restraints
I have been given the gift of appreciation's plea
With gorgeous eyes that watch my birth from the rotting
I've restrained my ability to need understanding, broken my hate

Past Tense of the Future

I would write a letter as a song
Just to tell about the things that take so long
Like the time that i got better,
Or this old fucking letter
That tells this wrong.

Conscious of my skin embraced alone
As the moments slip away into the moon,
I've been told my eyes are sweet
By people I can't see,
And all of this revolves around my clarity.

My heart reflects the stance that I've been in,
And the questions in my head seemed innocent.
But here I am with this paper
Describing all my pain for
No one but the voices in my mind.

Truth is not out
There you'll find me
Holding up my
Hands to the sky,
Tears unformed
Cause I weathered this storm.

Arm Poetry for a New Situation

*This was something I wrote on my arm one night recently. Each ~ mark denotes a different section of skin ie my forearm, hand, etc.

The memory will haunt me
like the sunrise haunts the wicked.
Set again, my sun.
One moment and a galaxy crumbles.
One kiss that spawned a star;
Formed this silent shimmering.
After this night the day
Might never shine as brightly.
'I love you' floats away on the wind,
As forgotten as the cradle of my domain,
Drenched in ashes and cyanide.
Here I am
Broken but thankful.
Beautiful and shiny
Pile of porcelain shards.