Pick Your Poison


These poems are directed towards people that are (hopefully) no longer involved in my life's journey. They left me bitter and hopeless, so fuck'em.

Guest in my own home
Even when I'm alone.
Your smile's eyes are trickery
But you can't seem to set me free.
I've got a heart that's filled with lead
Your blinded games fuck with my head.
Again I sleep by side denied
No silent dreams in which to hide.
Confusion blooms sweet;
Attraction's retreat.
Neither deserved nor attained,
As I spawn my own pain.
A brother's blood upon my hands,
You have trespassed on stolen land,
With ocean's eyes, your spite is shown
As friendship's lie strands me alone.
Your shit stained palms block out the Sun,
The darkness leaves nowhere to run.
Cracked hands are wrapped around my neck,
No room in Hell for self-respect.
'Fuck you all' cushions my fall
When blame is mixed with alcohol,
I've seen past veils into the fire,
Enough to see the wills of liars.
My lonely life is built from shit
And curdled blood and stagnant spit;
No care should fall upon their heads
For in my world, they will be dead.