Pick Your Poison


This piece is really fucking heavy, and I don't suggest assuming its context.

Shatter note in a bottle circumstance
Only the strength left to dance
Portion's present squalored frame
As bleeding mind is set aflame
Palm to sand and face to sky
This is what its like to die
Arm's heart, foolish tale
No love beneath my fingernails

Now to burn this tail away
Before it begins to decay

Fortune's blessed me to the floor
Don't know what I'm fighting for
One day I'll be in one piece again
This all ends, I can't pretend]
to fly above the chaos lights
At hopeless height, avoid the bite
You shouldn't love me, cursed to try
Nowhere left for this to hide
So go away I beg and plea
Get out of here so I wont see
Reflections of my lovely soul
Before today, I felt so whole
No form to take, no sea to swim
As blood entangles severed limbs.