Pick Your Poison


It feels good! The beat is so dirty,
and the time is running out.
Slowly I drip honey down
onto the faces that glare up
into the Sun on this priceless day.
Jump, fools, for the tempo commands
its servants to gyrate,
sexual to a point of danger
and drunk on the fumes of excess.
Constancy mocks the space between
the words I say and what I mean


butchered and bloody i stumble back to camp,
but everyone is sleeping, and everything is damp;
i'm sorry i must wake them, but my bodies broken skin
has made this necessary, so please god let me in.

the advances of medicine have yet to reach this place,
so pain is but a requiem exploding from my face.
i'd like to sink away into a stupor or be numb,
but with these lacerations, the silence will not come.

they quickly rinse out my wounds and extract all the shards
of glass and bone, now i'm alone with no one left in charge;
somehow i have not left this place in consciousness or care,
into the shifting darkness falls my efforts to repair.

the sunrise sets into my soul responsive as cement,
this flesh is gone, my spine is cracked, my hopefulness is spent.
my encounter with violence seeps into my waking mind,
and now i can't remember why i mixed the dope with wine.

Romance's Folly In Lavender Scent

the beat contorts around my desire
and i push past the vibrations
into the open air

i must revel in the hopefulness
to take a simple step
away from then

so fortunate to breath clearly
the sweet smelling breeze
and follow you out

the night is so supple and young
and i am the memento
of a forgotten era

we give ourselves to the earth
by invoking these spirits
to dance around us

completion's sentimental collapse
seems a lifetime away
in the heavy now

swollen energy cushions my mind
for we couldn't have seen ahead
to when the moment expires

i am now real again
full complete
and alive

infinity gasps for breath inside
this coffin of intention
as we swirl around

until this sordid grasp is broken
i lie promised and kept
alone together

วัดเผา (Wạd p̄heā)

My chapel's fallen and I couldn't be happier.
It burned away so fast,
I could hardly imagine what it looked like
when you were destroyed inside.

So hot that I could barely sit in its light,
the flames spun in cylindrical euphoria;
the absolution that nothing could survive the roaring fire
gave me strength to not run in
and save you from totality.

But heat could never fill the scarred valleys within
my heart, so you persist
in a parallel existence,
so real in your illusion.

They've taken away that person in a blaze of glory
but they left a mess behind.

Hopeless to look away,
I saw the structure in all its awe
simply crumble in the massive blaze.

And now it smells like smoke
whenever your name is uttered;
it reminds me to reflect on this new utopia I've found
where sex and water are in shared company
and my mind is reborn in the moments
that I conduct the symphony of love
surrounding my demeanor.

No more heavy thrills till my back is healed,
next time it wont leave me bent;
you stomped my sand into dust without concern
but you could have never known:
I can breath in this air,
and fight in such heat,
follow swiftly the tail that beckons me,
dance atop reality,
and pounce on the hearts of the concerned.


like water  to wine baby
miraculous and tired
body aching and joints screaming
new reflections gleam