Pick Your Poison

Romance's Folly In Lavender Scent

the beat contorts around my desire
and i push past the vibrations
into the open air

i must revel in the hopefulness
to take a simple step
away from then

so fortunate to breath clearly
the sweet smelling breeze
and follow you out

the night is so supple and young
and i am the memento
of a forgotten era

we give ourselves to the earth
by invoking these spirits
to dance around us

completion's sentimental collapse
seems a lifetime away
in the heavy now

swollen energy cushions my mind
for we couldn't have seen ahead
to when the moment expires

i am now real again
full complete
and alive

infinity gasps for breath inside
this coffin of intention
as we swirl around

until this sordid grasp is broken
i lie promised and kept
alone together