Pick Your Poison

Angels Anonymous - The Seduction

Unclasped and on top
as the power consumes
the momentum you've found
in this silk softened room

You are bold and on fire,
the blaze now contained
as a tool to explode,
and thrust forth from the pain

There's a light in your palm
so please unclench your grasp,
for as soon as it breathes:
epiphany unmasked

Luscious soft and sweet in grace
and stronger than the heat of light,
your lips are cream and spice
with skin of heaven's sight

This prey is amazed
and you are ready to pounce;
the time is standing still
no seconds left to count

Inside of the signs, heavy air
wraps your fingers around
the only anchor to reality
that tonight has found

Extacy contorts the formation
of this approach towards completion
and a glance in the mirror
reveals your many souls as one

and earth,
I thank the planet for your birth