Pick Your Poison

Puts Me Together (when I read your words)

The poem screams that you have run
Away to find a patch of Sun.
My barrel's loaded like you said
But it is pointed at my head.

I'll ask of you no future task,
No loaded words, no plastic mask.
No force upon you to change fates;
I wont be here to frustrate.

It feels like nails inside my skin,
My eyes are sliced by rusted tin.
If fate conspired to give peace
You'd be right here right now with me.

So if you go without a word
Into this world, beautiful girl;
I'll take the path back through the sand,
Recant my place, empty my hand.

I'm sorry for myself and you
We got fucked up, we both got screwed.
My burden's gone, so feel relief
The game of Hearts continues free
Of my impact upon your head,
Unless I'm wrong, let it be said.