Pick Your Poison

A Poem About Hugs

Embrace: a cherished blessing, 
my chosen voice, 
and the greatest conduit between 
ones first taste of another
and the present moment 
justly connecting these
humans together.
Bleeding heart to thumping chest;
reminded by the plush solidity 
of another astral body that
(in these tightening seconds)
our similarities can trump 
the distance between. 

For it is with 
that we encounter 
such satisfactions;
and without pretension to mute 
our pulse's rhythmic shudder,
we are left to enjoy 
the fleeting grasp
of mutual intentions 
in the space that we now share.


For the loves that I've lost, for the moments that I treasure, and in honor of the deities that found their way into my lives...
To you, to the selves I still remember, to her, to us...

... I dance, but not with limbs and skins. I shimmy my way into new oblivions. I speak with words and silence and motion and glances and rhythm. I am grateful. I am humbled. I listen to the tempo of your words in my ears, to the sounds we make in harmony. I taste the ways I felt and feel and know and forgot like dark, rich chocolate splinters on a drunken tongue.