Pick Your Poison

When you stop desiring the noise, 
it becomes time to abandon the song. 
To write new chords, happy melodies 
to the beat of a different drummer or two. 
The craving had been put on repeat 
and the heaviest drop now seems oddly tame. 

The record couldn't help but skip 
on such old, warped vinyl; 
glued back together for its very last spin. 

The memories this tune brings forth 
are inextricably linked to its timbre and depth. 
But, in the good graces of our creator, 
a new bond with life can now be formed 
to seek the frequencies of inspiration, 
and we will dance and rejoice 
in the vibrations with our brethren.
So let us face the music, 
oh fiery conductor, 
as we cross into the fade.