Pick Your Poison

To a Greater Degree; Magma Meditations

The swirling eyes of a chieftess
pierce past my smile, 
penetrating the rhythm
of these hopes and fears, 
leaving a path of fire 
from the tip of my instincts 
down to the core of inhibitions. 
Gravity is suspended for 
the ferocious dance 
between two energies.
New roots push into 
luscious soils only tilled 
in our wildest dreams. 
I am the surly scorpion 
holding on for dear life 
to the feathered haunches 
of a diving phoenix in its 
destined plummet back towards 
Gaia's open embrace.

Our gaze has broken, and I'm back on Earth; 
A shard of crystallized amber has 
lodged between my shifting eyes;
I dreamed of fire again last night, 
for it cleanses my fear of all hesitation, 
and incinerates my soul.