Pick Your Poison

Correlations for Flow and Reasoning

battling with my own creations once they're given life, 
i profoundly feel that there's much more to learn than to teach. 
the plight of the wounded healer is all give and take, 
but it is getting harder to tell the difference. 
desiring the improbable is bittersweet; 
this great mystery of shielding my hopes from the pitfalls of expectation.

i can sense a thousand parallel outcomes in a single glance. 
this powerful creature beneath me. 
a moonlit road with no one, but happy alone. 
roaring madness nestled hidden in these mountains of ours. 
dancing just to feel it move through my veins. 
a touch, a taste, a glorified ray of sunshine exchanged without fear. 
haunting eyes floating into the night. 
a farewell that is so much more and less than departure. 
furious fire ripping my skin from new wounds. 
a sacrifice of the ego resounding through the atmosphere. 
white paint on every inch of my face while i smile into the mirror. 
so many areas in between. 

but a voice remains within, chanting a caucophony of 'surrender, surrender'
give it up, kid, you've only just begun to rise.