Pick Your Poison

Bound in Gossamer

A Prayer

House cleansed, 
protection shrouded, 
I raise my eyes to the stars.
I pray to you spirits, 
please cradle my hopes 
and grant me the will to endure. 
I've been running too long, 
hiding away from what hurts me. 
It is time to move on; 
to put in the righteous work 
towards healing
so I can continue to live. 
Too many needless sacrifices 
bathed in beige sorrow; 
now is the crossroads that 
I am to traverse. 
No more hiding. 
No more tragedy 
without reason. 
Time to hold my power within 
so that it might grow 
enough to spread, share, and prosper. 
Forgiveness will come in time.

It begins now.