Pick Your Poison

Alt + F4

I see you;
not the facade of kindness and concern that you display for anyone else,
not the 'peace and happiness' herbal shaman-in-the-making,
but the you that flows beneath the skin:
I see you;
entitlement is your burden, it will bind you to this existence for eternity.
Judgemental spite will be your undoing
for you are your own worst enemy.
You can do as well as you want in this segment of your life,
but nothing will protect you from the beast that slumbers within;
the advancement of your age will inevitably weaken the cage in which it lies
until it bursts forth irretrievably into the valley of your precious delights.
I will no longer look upon you with these open eyes,
at least not with any concern
as to what it is that I perceive.
I will look right through you
and hope that I am wrong.


a thousand questions swell towards a sudden surrender
pointed snarling death-worshipping arachnids circling in the sky
flames erupting into fire at my feet as i march up to face them
teeth gnashing and blood boiling
i can taste their hunger

and with certitude i understand that there is no greater clarity to be exhumed
as i continue the march of a mad man towards certain oblivion

then, suddenly
i open my eyes and look up
and my skies no longer swirl with terror and dismay

it is possible that i am seeing the horizon for the first time with these fragile eyes

the sun is setting
the day is done

i am no longer beseeched nor presented with such inquiries
and the sky holds brilliant colors
as i march up to face them